About Us

We are Adelaide’s only true Lifestyle PR & Marketing organisation.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the Lifestyle & Recreational Market including the entertainment, hospitality, real estate, tourism, travel, food, wine, retail, fashion & sporting industries and associated major events.

 We know and understand that you cannot be all things to all people no matter how tempting it is to try. 

We are first and foremost a PR & Marketing company. We are focused on what we are great at without wasting time and our clients’ money on tasks at which we will not exceed the desired results.

 ‘Life is too short to be just average at all things, when you can excel in a few’ 


Foster Hill PR & Marketing understands your need for a proactive, highly personalised communications agency which understands not only your product or service but also your ethos - and can work with you to define and deliver your long and short term goals. 

Importantly, we remain aware and on top of new media. We can assist you in untangling the web of confusion that often surrounds digital marketing/new media/social media and help you incorporate this vital aspect into your marketing mix.       

Foster Hill PR & Marketing comprises a team of dedicated, motivated professionals able to deliver a comprehensive, effective marketing and communications service which gets results through a ‘never say die’ and  ‘break it’ thinking policy.   

‘If it ain’t broke – break it – you may just put it back together as an improved model!’