Combined, PR & Marketing provide a powerful positioning tool, performing a task which advertising alone cannot achieve.

PR deals with influencing public opinion through the generation of goodwill toward an individual, cause, company, or product via planned presentation and tactical dissemination of information utilising traditional, non-traditional and new mediums and methods.

It is the art of communicating and networking. 

PR & Marketing provides the conduit for the commercial world to the media, the client’s market and the broader public. 

It provides clients with credibility and goodwill; not to be obtained by advertising alone.   

PR & Marketing incorporates below the line activity including creative promotional elements and publicity. Too often great ideas or products lack recognition – someone forgot to tell people about them.      

Effective PR and Marketing does not happen by chance.  It is strategic and requires the experience, contacts and expertise of PR and Marketing professionals. 

Foster Hill PR & Marketing offers a highly personalised service based on proven results and backed up by professional personnel, comprehensive resources, enthusiasm, efficiency and many years experience


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