Digital & Social Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Social Media.  Feeling confused? At Foster Hill we drive Digital Marketing by building awareness and promoting a brand or product online. This means using all available network and digital channels.

Digital Marketing includes Website, Search Enging Marketing, SEO, email marketing, mobile markets, online banner ads, and all avenues of social media. Additionally, we introduce you to press and media, television, digital display billboard advertising, as well as other highly effective avenues.

Social Media

It’s no longer just a buzz word, it’s a phenomenon, and everyone is joined to their phone at the hip. The success of this new generation of social media is mainly driven by Facebook and Twitter, changing the way we socially interact, shop and put ourselves out there. The introduction of social media has introduced us to many forms of digital marketing.

Social Media brings people together.  Foster Hill spread the word, and a whisper becomes a following.  We can handle your social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, You Tube and more.  Also, we show you how to utilise social media and combine with promotions both online and offline.

Digital Marketing

Is an effective marketing tool at your fingertips and reaches all demographics of people, who may, or may not be online.  Foster Hill use digital marketing campaigns to reach the public via word of mouth, internet advertising, mobile ads, TV, Press & Media, and we spread the word.  We’re master at producing effective graphic design, photography and powerful visual content for promotions (internet, TV or billboards) – all delivered through our professional network.

Foster Hill create your digital marketing campaign, one that can be taken across all levels of social media platforms.  More importantly, we deliver maximum results via social media channels, press & media, all aimed at building followers, clients, connections who like and share useful content.  If they like it, they spread the word.

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