Brand Positioning

W e create a Marketing strategy to position your brand, ahead of competing brands, and guage how your brand is perceived by the public. Positioning means appealing to a distinct market so that your brand becomes instantly and easily recognisable to your target market.

Brand positioning is what we do, and we’ve been around the block a few times. This is achieve by creating a brand association in the public eye so that they view the brand in a specific way. We like to refer to it as Lifestyle branding … branding for today.

Creating a Strong Brand

First we have to develop a positioning strategy involving your target group of customers.  We look at your competitors, current market trends, and the main reason your target market would be drawn to your brand, rather than your competitors. Your brand is clearly identified by what it conveys, as well as the benefits to your target market. Our job is to keep marketing efforts focused on what you want to achieve.

Brand research assists Foster Hill in the creation, development and strengthening of your brand. We know the market and the importance of understanding your customers.  We look at where you are currently positioned, where you came from, and where you want to go.

Foster Hill show you how to get where you want to go by identifying consumer benefits, brand delivery, credibility and brand reputation. We are in the business of positioning brands.  We help you to identify what your customers are saying through the social network.  Social behaviour tells us how the market sees you. From here we can analyse the possibilities.

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