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In today’s world, blogger influencers’ are a breath of fresh air, generating digital leads – and that means increased sales for our clients’.

Foster Hill have a reputation for generating positive consumer awareness, recognition, and actual results.  We have ground-breaking attendance at all our events and this means success for all of our clients.  We’ve cornered the market for knowledge and experience to deliver consistent converstion of digital leads to virtual sales.

Backed by 30+ years experience, ‘we run with the times’ in today’s digital world.  Sue Hill lives and breathes all things digital, whether this is in the preparation of marketing or digital content, calendar events or social media blueprint, there is no doubt we are the Go-to team with a certified strategy that will take your brand to the ‘Next Level’.   

Our core business is driven by ‘Goodwill’ and we have cornered the market in Adelaide by implementing creative social media campaigns for some of the leading charities and events.  We raise the roof on donations, attendance and creating a buzz around town for all of our commercial, retail and industry portfolio clients, combined with a passion for non-for-profits. 


Feeling confused? We’re here to help!  Foster Hill drive digital marketing by building awareness and promoting a brand or product online.  This means using all available network and digital channels.

Digital Marketing includes website, search engine marketing (SEO), email marketing, mobile markets, online banner ads, plus social media outreach.  Additionally, we introduce you to press and media, television, digital display and our impressive portfolio network for effective and efficient campaigning.


It’s no longer just a buzz word, it’s a world-wide phenomenon, and it would appear that just about everyone has formed a special connection to their device – joined at the hip so to speak.

Social Media Unveiled

The success of this new generation of social media is mainly driven by Facebook and Twitter, changing the way we socially interact, shop and put ourselves out there. The introduction of social media introduces many forms of awe-inspiring digital marketing.

Social Media brings people together.  Foster Hill spread the word, and a whisper becomes a following.

Foster Hill can handle your social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, You Tube and more.  Also, we show you how to utilise social media and combine with promotions both online and offline.

Digital Marketing

This powerfully effective marketing tool is right at your fingertips, reaching all demographics of people who may not be online.  Foster Hill use digital marketing campaigns to reach the public via word of mouth, internet advertising, mobile ads, TV, Press & Media, to unanimously spread the word.  This is achieved through creative content, graphic design, photography and powerful visual content for promotions (internet, TV or billboards). A digital marketing campaign can then be taken across social media platforms.  Our team deliver maximum results via social media marketing to promote your product or service through various media channels, building followers, clients, connections and by sharing useful content. 

Remember, “If they like it, they share and spread the word”.  

Remember, if they like it … they share and spread the word.

Foster Hill

“If you are not online, how is someone going to find you”.

Bronwyn Reid . Author

Would you like to get your product or service right in front of the most influential bloggers?  You’re here!

First and foremost, blogging has become an integral part of any brand or company, with the ability to connect audiences.  It helps to promote your business and develop a positive public persona for promotion.  Vital communication is key and Foster Hill have their finger on the pulse with bloggers and social media influencers to ensure that the word is out and you are literally the talk of the town.

Do you use someone to build your house without googling their reputation and reviews?  I’m guessing, not!  The same theory applies to your product or service.  An excellent review from an influencer marketing blog or posts can drive traffic to your website and providing you with an unlimited scope of opportunity to respond, engage and develop a customer relationship.

Foster Hill have created an Art-form for implementing a visually dynamic branding sterategy to engage your target market and make you stand out above your competitors.

Isn’t it time you stood out?