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Foster Hill have been building clients’ Event Management for over 20 years, developing creative strategies to introduce and connect all the right people.

Building your tailored events program requires developing and maintaining structured marketing plans for the event program. We work with a dedicated team to effectively manage corporate event management within retail and commercial environments.

Best of all, while you meet the people, we will take care of all levels of event management, planning and procurement.


Foster Hill are the Go-to for planning and coordinating a wide range of events to gain maximum exposure to meet or exceed your business objectives.

An Adelaide Agency for combined PR & Marketing.  We introduce and connect you to the right people!

Leave the procurement and management of event sponsorship to our Go-to team. Please get in touch to start spreading the word – we’d love to hear your thoughts – and inspire your ideas!

“Advertising is saying you’re good … PR is getting someone else to say you’re good”.

Jean-Louis Gassee

“Helping our clients to identify and achieve their long and short term goals and objectives is achieved with a strategically planned mix of PR & Marketing activity”.

Sue Hill - Director



Paint your brand across a creative campaign

Increase Brand Awareness

Secure coverage across target media

Appear in major press & print, magazines , feature articles

Achieve positive results through creative thinking

Online focus – Connect with Blogging Influencers

Web Presence – If you’re not online, how is someone going to find you?

Major print, media and TV

Connect . Introduce you to premium stores, promotions, events, launches, online professionals


Foster Hill PR & Marketing work on creative strategies, introducing and connecting you to the right people. You can leave the procurement and management of event sponsorship to our accomplished team. 

Sponsorship Program

The right mix is in the planning, coordination and delivery of a wide range of events in order to meet organisational goals.  Our team develop and maintain your marketing plan for the sponsor program.  We work hard to maintain a high level of deliverance in order to meet or exceed your business objectives. Individual campaigns are driven by connecting sponsors within our vast pool, proposal customisation and presentation, contract revision and servicing, as well as sponsor liaison and support.

When Timing is Everything

With all things digital, it’s all about timing and knowing just when to release that social media post for the best possible response.  With over 30 years in the industry, we know how to cut through the content to prepare a social media blueprint.  We know what works in the Adelaide market and today’s digital world.

Sue Hill, Director of Foster Hill, has a passion for ‘Goodwill’ (not-for-profits) and certainly knows how to work the circuit.  She has created and implemented some of Adelaide’s leading media campaigns including charities, events, creating the buzz and breaking records for all-out attendance.  Her knowledge is only surpassed by her results for increasing sales through digital leads and conversion to sales.  Sue believes it is all about public awareness, spreading the word, introducing and connecting people to achieve awareness and brand recognition.


Dynamic Campaign to increase brand awareness

Major print . media . television networking

Appear in leading magazine articles

Online focus …  bloggers & influencers’

Introducing . connecting premium distributors & companies

Product Launches | Exposure