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A structured advertising campaign promotes your brand to broadcast, digital, print & media. Rather than spending money on poor performing media, we channel you into the best-fit media exposure and advertising. The right media coverage helps to increase overall brand awareness and an exceptionally successful outcome.

Foster Hill work in our very own B2B think-tank, where we generate all the great ideas and then bring them to life.  We like to work closely with our clients to ensure alignment between traditional branding methods that really do work, and then combine it with current marketing trends.  Effectively, we identify commercial opportunity and outreach to end-customer markets. We manage your project from concept to completion, planning growth of brand awareness plus identifying up and coming market opportunities.  Foster Hill believe this is a combination of the right PR & Marketing mix, coupled with creative solutions that make a difference in establishing clients and helping them to develop lasting impressions with public perception.  It’s all about winning new business and sustaining profitability over the long period.

Imagine your brand, and then being able to tap into the best social media influencers who generate the highest ‘followers’?  Social Media Influencers promote products on their social media platforms. Foster Hill introduce and connect the top influencers to your product and drive traffic to your social media platform and website. Sounds like the go-to, right? That’s us!

Excellence driven by results is what we do best.

If you have the product, we have the product placement for you.

We wear many hats so that we can be ‘all that’ to each and every individual.

We’re a diverse, edgy,  fast-paced PR & Marketing Agency servicing an impressive suite of niche commercial, residential and public sector projects.


To reinforce your PR campaign we mix in Media Buying – placement of media for print, broadcast or digital to effectively communicate to your target audience. Ad placement is paramount to the success of your PR & Marketing campaign so you get seen by the right people – the right product for the right demographic and best-fit media for national or local coverage.  Our role is to find you the perfect medium and the best Ad rate for your brand.  Our Negotiators are the best in the business for securing premium spots across digital, print and broadcast.

Foster Hill work with a wide established network, ranging from industry to government.  Our optimised suite of products assists clients to develop business strategies, refresh branding, increase business capacity, develop digitial and IT, build brands, identify new and potential customers to achieve exponential growth for your product and company.


Foster Hill reinforce your PR & Marketing campaign with the right mix of media buying, placement for print & media, broadcast or digital to effectively communicate and spread the word.


If your vision is to achieve exponential growth for your sales, then imagine having your sales double within a couple of weeks by having your story published by our leading brand network? Whether wine, food, beauty, fashion, we have successfully helped our clients to secure national, global and local media coverage.

If you want to become the Go-to-Brand – you are in the right place at the right time.

Foster Hill achieves your goals and objectives through: Public Relations . Media Buying . Product Placement . Social Media . Blogger and Influencer Management . Event Management and Strategic Planning.


Your vision – Our Resources.  Foster Hill drive sales via a proven method for positively exposing your brand to a dynamic campaign to increase brand awareness. We utilise all our resources within Major print, media and television to secure coverage within a well-though-out, targeted media campaign.  The Foster Hill team are inspired within our hub which we call our ‘think-tank’.  Here, we inspire online focus to effectively communicate with high-ranking bloggers, map out your appearances in major magazines, articles and then create a buzz.

More importantly, we introduce and connect you to premium companies, stores, promotions, events and product launches.  Whoa!  And … that’s only the beginning!

Foster Hill PR & Marketing

We are at the top of our game because we have built a longstanding reputation with our clients, press and media and nurtured those relationships for over 30 years.