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Foster Hill create the ‘right mix’ marketing strategy to position your brand – relative to competing brands – as seen from the end-user experience.

Foster Hill position your brand to a distinct market so that it can be easily and instantly recognisable to your target market.  Brand positioning is what we do, and we’ve been around the block a few times.  We create brand association for the end-user so that they view your brand or product in a certain way.  It’s all about perception!  You want a pair of those shoes, right?


We like to refer to it as Lifestyle branding … branding for today. This means developing a positioning strategy to involve your target group of consumers.

Creating a Powerfully Strong Brand

Market Research – We look at competitors, current market trends, as well as the main reason your demographic market would be drawn to your brand, as opposed to your competitors. Your brand is clearly identified by what it does, and how it benefits your target market. Foster Hill assist you to keep marketing efforts focused on what you want to achieve.

Brand research assists with the creation, development and strengthening of your brand. We’re all over the market, and the importance of understanding your customers.  First we identify where you are currently positioned, your competitors, the history of your industry, and your projected vision. 

Do you know what your customers are saying through the social network?  Social behaviour tells us what the collective voice is and from here we can analyse the possibilities.  We have the analysis on the market, and we show you how to get where you want to go by identifying consumer benefits, brand delivery, credibility and brand reputation. We are in the business of positioning brands.

Brand Awareness

Putting your brand in the spotlight and watching it grow through increased brand awareness and product launches.  We introduce and connect you to our vast network of premium stores, companies, promotions, events and product launches.  Best of all, you get the benefit of an established, successful network.

We have taken many new clients on a successful journey through brand launches, faciliated and planned through Foster Hill.

Foster Hill

We have taken virtually unknown brands and made it a sensation through raising public awareness.

Foster Hill

Have you ever wondered how you can get your product placed in premium spots on Australian television?

Foster Hill

Subliminal product placement is subtle, but oh so powerful.  Ask us how!

Foster Hill

Believing you can is half the battle, and Foster Hill have the contacts to make it happen.

Product Placement – Amongst the big Television Shows

Broadcast . Digital . Print & Media

Media Release to increase overall brand awareness

Connecting you with Social Media Influencers with high following to promote your product on their social media platform.  This also serves to drive traffic to you and your website.