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Advertising is about telling people you’re great, Public Relations is about inspiring others to say you’re great.

Your needs, ethos and goals are as individual as you are … we remain agile and flexible in our offering, whether the desired outcomes require an ongoing relationship, a one-off event, special project or campaign.  At Foster Hill PR & Marketing, our campaigns are created to generate talk, evoke positive memories and inspire your target market to take action through a strategically devised combination of activities designed to realise your short and long term objectives.

We offer a one-stop shop through both in-house and via our extensive network of experts, to provide a stress-free environment so that you can focus on your business whilst we take care of the detail.

“Advertising is saying you’re good … PR is getting someone else to say you’re good”.

Jean-Louis Gassee

“Helping our clients to identify and achieve their long and short term goals and objectives is achieved with a strategically planned mix of PR & Marketing activity”.

Sue Hill - Director

An Adelaide Agency for combined PR & Marketing.  We introduce and connect you to the right people!

Leave the procurement and management of event sponsorship to our Go-to team. Please get in touch to start spreading the word – we’d love to hear your thoughts – and inspire your ideas!



Paint your brand across a creative campaign

Increase Brand Awareness

Secure coverage across target media

Appear in major press & print, magazines , feature articles

Achieve positive results through creative thinking

Online focus – Connect with Blogging Influencers

Show you how to successfully communicate with bloggers

Major print, media and TV

Connect . Introduce you to premium stores, promotions, events, launches